Photoshop Brush Tutorials

There are essentially unlimited options when working with brushes in Photoshop. Some of this tutorials cover the basic uses and functionality of brushes, some tutorials will teach you various ways to create your own custom brushes, and some will help you to develop your skills by using them as an integral part of a design.

Managing Your Brushes and Brush Libraries in Photoshop
Once you’ve downloaded and created a number of brushes, managing and organizing them will become more important.

Rotating Brushes in Photoshop Tutorial
A simple way to rotate any brush to fit your needs.

Photoshop Brush Tutorial: Shape Dynamics - Size Controls
This tutorial looks at the basics of working with brushes and how size control can impact your results.

Define Brush Photoshop Tutorial
A simple tutorial for getting started with creating and working with brushes.

Custom Photoshop Brushes Tutorial
A quick tutorial to help you create your first brushes in minutes.

Funky Web Design Layout Tutorial
Create a layout using several different brushes for the header.

Photoshop Brush Tutorials
How to Install Photoshop Brushes Tutorial
Knowing how to install brushes is a basic, but necessary, skill.

Creating Your Own Custom Adobe Photoshop Brushes
A nice tutorial for creating useful brushes from public domain images.

Photoshop Brush Tutorials
Fire Brushes: Photoshop Tutorial
Using brushes can be a quick way to create excellent fire effects.

Adobe Photoshop Brush Dynamics Tutorial
This tutorial will show you how to get the most out of simple brushes.

Create Photoshop Brushes for Coffee Stains and Splatters
Use real coffee stains and a scanner to create effective brushes.

Creating Your Own “Dirt” Brush in Photoshop Tutorial
An easy way to create a grungy, dirt brush.

Building a Lego Bricks Photoshop Brushes Set
A fun way to work with brushes and Lego shapes.

Creating Grunge Brushes In Photoshop Tutorial
Veerle shows us some simple techniques to create impressive results.

Photoshop Brush Tutorials
Creating Your Own Grunge Brushes in Photoshop
Get a trendy grunge look by making your own brushes.

Design a Grungy Web Layout in Photoshop Tutorial
A real-world example of brushes in action while creating a layout with Photoshop.

Advanced Brush Techniques in Photoshop
Go beyond the basics with some of these techniques.

Photoshop Brush Tutorial on deviantART
Learn how to quickly create stunning light effects.

Photoshop Brush Tutorials
How to Make a Photoshop Brushes Tutorial
Bittbox’s tutorial for creating brushes.

Create Eye-Popping Graphics with Photoshop Brushes
This tutorial from SitePoint shows a few different styles that can be created by using brushes.

Stroke Text with a Brush in Photoshop Tutorial
A simple way to add some life to text, with plenty of possibilities.

Grunge Type Photoshop Tutorial
Creating Grunge-style text is easy with the help of brushes.

Photoshop Brush Tutorials
Master the Brush in Photoshop
Learn more about various aspects of working with brushes.

Create Custom Photoshop Brush from a Photo Tutorial
Learn how to create awesome brushes straight from a photograph.

Lighting Effects in Photoshop
This tutorial from Digital Arts makes heavy use of brushes.

Photoshop Brush TutorialsPhotoshop Brush Tutorial
This tutorial shows how to create a brush from a texture image.

Photoshop Brush Tutorial
See several different possible effects that can be created with brushes.

Add a Sparkle Trail to a Photo Tutorial
Use a sparkly brush to enhance a photo.

Photoshop Brush Tutorials
Really Cool Eclipse Effect in Photoshop
Fabio shows that brushes can even be used for creating an eclipse.

Create Cool Watercolor Effects in Photoshop
Several different brushes are used here to create the watercolor effect.

Amazing Photoshop Light Effect in 10 Steps
Brushes can be used to create sparkling light effects.

Create a Space Explosion from Scratch in Photoshop
Brushes are used here to create the debris in the explosion.

Easily Create a Beautiful, Unique Website Header in Photoshop
Brushes are used for creating the lighting effects on this header.

Abstract Dust and Spray Effect Using Photoshop Brushes
Using brushes to create this abstract effect.

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