Elena Bissinger's Flowers Of Life

Elena Bissinger PaintingElena Bissinger's paintings are full of life. The colours are so well chosen that you can even breath the scented air that sorrounds Elena's flowers. Elena Bissinger paints innocent pieces of nature untouched by the negative part of the human soul and I really like the end result.

Elena Bissinger born on 2th January 1964 in Beius(BH) - Romania, is member of the Association of Fine Arts Artists in Oradea, completed her artistic studies to Art School 'Francisc Hubic' and graduate Visual Arts University in Oradea, has paintings in private collections from all the world and group - personal exhibitions in Romania, Germany, Netherlands and Hungary.

Elena Bissinger Painting
Elena Bissinger Painting Elena Bissinger PaintingElena Bissinger PaintingElena Bissinger Painting

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