The Mythic World of Josep Baques

The Spanish painter Josep Baques (Barcelona, 1931 -) uses the recipe of any succesful painter: he casts his soul on canvas. The elements of Josep Baques´s paintings are relatively small in number: the female characters, mythical horses, birds, fruits and household items (containers that hold the essence/secrets of life?). But the combinations and the easeful pastel colors, with subtle passages from one to another, create from each painting a new, harmonious and immortal story. Josep Baques´s paintings are of an extraordinary elegancy and serenity, a parade of life and a celebration of the feelings. Rising from a passion that knows no borders, like a river that gradually becomes a sea, the work of Josep Baques raises existentialist questions. Is the world created by Josep Baques a dream kneaded from the imagination of a single man or is it an universal daily reality forgotten in the childhood. Mystery floats in the air. The truth is that around Josep Baques paintings one truly affords to be himself.

Josep BaquesJosep Baques Josep Baques Josep BaquesJosep Baques Josep Baques

Josep Baques

Josep Baques Josep Baques Josep Baques

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  1. just stumbled upon your blog post about Baqués. beautiful write-up.


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